Mohd. Safi | Program Manager

Safi believes that the key solution to the many of our problems is Education. A development professional with a Masters in Social Work, he specialised in Urban and Rural Community Development and graduated in computer applications. Committed to working towards improving the quality and reach of education, he brings 8+ years of working experience in the sector. During this time he has become highly skilled in planning, making strategies, mentoring and facilitation.

Safi is also an alumni of the Gandhi Fellowship, during which, he worked in Surat, Gujarat on improving quality of education in Surat Municipal Corporation’s schools along with different community-based interventions. He worked with Quality Education India Development Impact Bond (QEI-DIB) project in his previous organization, where his team worked on developing leadership skills among headmasters and teachers in Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai schools to improve and impact students’ learning outcomes.

Safi likes to play chess and cricket, and enjoys reading books and working on self-development in his free time.