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The Education Alliance (TEA) (registered name: Network for Quality Education Foundation (NQEF)), aims to help governments in India provide a quality education to every child, by facilitating effective partnerships between state and non-state actors. The vision […]



Our team consists of  professionals with varied experience across different industries who’ve found their calling in improving education standards in the country. They are supported by some of the most respected names in the field […]

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We partner with various stakeholders ranging from education officials at the state and municipal levels to educators in both the public and private sectors. We also facilitate CSR and philanthropy that aims to provide quality education. […]

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As part of its advocacy and information sharing efforts, The Education Alliance (registered name: Network for Quality Education Foundation) aggregates and curates the most relevant news, announcements & updates in the broader education sector and […]



We provide access to relevant policy documents, reports, studies and other research material – generated both internally and externally – related to Government-Partnership Schools and equivalent models in education from both India and around the […]

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We are headquartered in New Delhi and are reachable during regular work hours on weekdays. Do get in touch if you’re interested in knowing more about how we can work with you in promoting the Government-Partnerships School model […]

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SDMC Partnership Schools

The Education Alliance (registered name: Network for Quality Education Foundation) has been working with the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (SDMC) for almost two years now in order to enable quality education through partnerships. With the immense positive response and appreciation for the Lajpat Nagar 3 school, supported by Ark, The Education Alliance received a mandate from the SDMC to expand Partnership schools further under the ‘School Quality Enhancement Program (SQEP)’. After a long year of negotiations with the SDMC we are extremely delighted to share with you the progress made so far. The SDMC has granted approval to 5 additional partners to support 6 more government schools. The partner organizations are excited to replicate their models in these schools and provide excellent quality education. The organizations that are a part of the SQEP are:  1. Learning Links Foundation (LLF) in partnership with Krishi … [Read More]

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Education Partnerships: Scaling Up Innovation

NGOs and CSOs are the R&D hubs of the social sector with innovations that are making an impact in the communities they serve. By partnering with them, the government can scale the impact of these initiatives thus ensuring better outcomes for more people. We explore some of the successes of such partnerships in the education sector and the underlying principles of successful partnerships. Traditionally it has been observed that NGOs and civil society organizations (CSOs) enjoy more autonomy in trying out different methodologies and programs. They have the required skill and expertise to execute these efficiently but more importantly they have an ear to the ground in terms of being intimately aware of the needs of the socially vulnerable and economically backward communities and students they serve. However, they lack the resources to widen the scope of their initiatives and this is where governments have routinely … [Read More]

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First School – First Year

The Education Alliance is a non-profit organization that aims to help governments in India provide quality education to every child. The vision of The Education Alliance is to empower government schools to create the next […]