Our Team

Our team consists of professionals with varied experience across different industries who’ve found their calling in improving education standards in the country. They are supported by some of the most respected names in the field from our partner organizations which have a long history of supporting the cause of quality education in the developing world.

Board of Directors

Founder & CEO, The Education Alliance
Founder, The Core Questin

Executive Team

Program Lead, Education Policy & Administration, Government of NCT of Delhi
Manager, Delhi
Block Manager, Shajapur – Project Ankur


Academic Lead, Literacy – Project Ankur, Madhya Pradesh


Senior Manager, SATH-E, Madhya Pradesh
Manager, SATH-E, Madhya Pradesh
Academic Lead, Numeracy – Project Ankur, Madhya Pradesh
Director of Strategy and State Programs
Senior Manager – Project Ankur, Madhya Pradesh
Senior Manager, Tamil Nadu


State Head – Project Ankur, Madhya Pradesh
Block Manager, Sehore – Project Ankur
Director of Partnerships and Operations
Senior Associate
Block Manager, Project Ankur, Madhya Pradesh
Finance Manager
Manager, SATH-E, Madhya Pradesh
Director, Foundational Literacy and Numeracy, Gujarat
HR & Admin Associate
Manager, SATH-E, Madhya Pradesh
District Manager, Project Ankur
Manager, Tamil Nadu