Program Manager, State Reform – Tamil Nadu

About TEA:
The Education Alliance (TEA) is a non-profit organization registered in India to catalyze quality transformations in the public-school system through strategic partnership support. TEA aims to build an ecosystem in which governments can strategically partner with mission-oriented non-profit educational organizations to deliver high-quality education. Our goal is to empower government schools to create the next generation of leaders by transforming the quality of education offered in these schools. High-quality education for every child in India would call for a system that is accountable, collaborative, and equitable.

TEA sets up a Project Management Unit (PMU) to support the state education departments to partner more strategically with non-state actors and to design and deliver programs with the objective of building governments’ own capacity to sustain these initiatives post the exit of external partners. TEA currently has ongoing programs in Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Tripura and Madhya Pradesh.

Position Summary:

The current opportunity involves working with the Tamil Nadu School Education Department on a System Reform project in Chennai. It is an exciting opportunity to work on 15 priority areas identified by the state. You will be part of a team that will oversee the implementation of visionary projects aimed at transforming public education in Tamil Nadu.

TEA and the State Project Director (SPD) will both participate in the hiring process of individuals for the TEA team who will work closely with the state of TN for the education reform process being carried out in Tamil Nadu. The consultants will however be full-time employees of TEA.

The TEA employees will be based out of Chennai for the duration of the project (a minimum of 3 years starting from July 2021 until planned exit from State). During this period, they will be expected to connect with the central TEA team based in Delhi on a fortnightly basis.

Key Responsibilities include, but are not limited to

Support program strategy and approach

  • Support State Head and external partners’ team on designing program strategy and creating an action plan for state transformation based on on-ground learnings
  • Conduct research and analysis (both quantitative and qualitative) to develop the team’s understanding of system problems, evidence-based solutions and innovations in the sector
  • Design M&E framework with clearly defined performance indicators, targets and milestones

On-ground implementation and monitoring

  • Oversee and guide Managers on specific verticals in executing the program strategy
    Coordinate with partners (government officials, TEA team, partner organizations, etc.) to deliver on program objectives.
  • Enable implementation partners, including government officials, to meet outcome, budget, and timeline targets.
  • Ensure availability, timely deployment and efficient utilization of resources
  • Identify operational bottlenecks and weaknesses, wherever applicable, and devise work-around strategies
  • Track program progress on key indicators according to the M&E framework
  • Ensure quality of documents prepared by TEA team members, including reports, presentations, proposals, etc.

Communication & Documentation

  • Documentation and communication related to program achievements / outcomes and program implementation through concept notes, presentations, reports, approval letters, etc.
  • Documentation on on-ground learnings and knowledge received from external partner to support TEA’s internal capacity / knowledge building

Required Qualifications, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Preferred work experience of 4-5 years including 1-2 years of post-graduation work experience (MBA or MPP/MPA or Bachelor’s degree with exceptional work experience)
  • Experience with on-ground program implementation is crucial for the role
  • Strong analytical (read quantitative) and problem-solving skills
  • Experience with M&E rubrics and program evaluations preferred
  • Desired skills include written and oral communication skills, interpersonal skills and networking skills, and ability to work on tight deadlines
  • Experiences working with government and in education sector is desirable, though not necessary
  • Willingness to travel to districts in Tamil Nadu (once things open up and travel is safe)
  • High level of spoken and written fluency in English and Tamil


Remuneration will be competitive with Indian philanthropy pay scales and will depend upon the candidate’s experience levels.


Please send your resumes along with a letter of intent to; mention “Project Manager – State Reform (Tamil Nadu)” in the subject of your email.

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