Project Manager, Project Support and Advisory Group – CM RISE Schools

Introduction to The Education Alliance (TEA)

The Education Alliance (‘TEA’ registered as Network for Quality Education Foundation) is a non-profit organisation registered in India to catalyse quality transformations in the public-school system through strategic partnership support. TEA aims to build an ecosystem in which governments can strategically partner with mission oriented non-profit educational organisations to deliver high quality education. Our goal is to empower government schools to create the next generation of leaders by transforming the quality of education offered in these schools. A high-quality education for every child in India would call for a system that is accountable, collaborative and equitable.

TEA sets up a Project Management Unit (PMU) to support the State education departments to partner more strategically with non-state actors and to design and deliver programmes with the objective of building governments’ own capacity to sustain these initiatives post the exit of external partners.

In order to deliver on its goals, TEA engages in three broad areas of work: dialogue with governments to design the frameworks for suitable partnership models, identify high-quality and mission-aligned non-profit partners willing to engage with government, and conduct research to test the efficacy of the model in order to inform the rest of our work.

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Brief on TEA’s Work with Government Education Departments

TEA is currently working across 4 states on the following programs:

  1. Delhi
    • School Quality Enhancement Program with the South Delhi Municipal Corporation (since 2015) – a program that aims to deliver high quality education through a Government-Partnership School (G-PS) model.
    • Program Assistance Unit with Directorate of Education, Delhi Government (since 2020) – TEA team supporting Education minister’s advisory team for planning and implementation of education reforms.
  1. Tamil Nadu: PMU for NGO partnerships and Systemic education reforms (since 2018) – The PMU started supporting Samagra Shiksha, Tamil Nadu in 2018 in its NGO partnership strategy and in 2021, on invitation by the State extended its mandate to support the Commissioner of School Education on reforms across 15 initiatives identified the state.
  2. Tripura: PMU for NGO partnerships and State FLN mission (since 2020) – Similar to its function in Tamil Nadu, TEA plays the role of a PMU to facilitate effective collaboration between NGOs and Samagra Shiksha in Tripura. The PMU has now also taken on the mandate of supporting the State’s FLN mission to meet targets of foundational literacy and numeracy.
  1. Madhya Pradesh
    • Project Management Unit for Foundational Literacy & Numeracy (FLN) (since 2020) – TEA plays the role of a PMU and brings together strategic and knowledge partners to work with the state to strengthen foundational literacy and numeracy skills of students and to build institutional capacity on FLN initiatives. TEA is also now the partner for State’s CM RISE schools (highly-resourced K-10 /K-12 schools) for foundational literacy and numeracy initiatives.
    • Strategic partnership with BCG under SATH-E Extension for System Reform (since 2020) – TEA started working alongside BCG State team for the education reform process in M.P. under the NITI Aayog’s SATH-E project in 2020.
    • PSAG (Project Support and Advisory Group) to drive key strategic priorities for the School Education Department, Madhya Pradesh under the Chief Minister’s flagship project ‘CM RISE Schools’ – a set of 9,200 K-12 integrated government schools being developed over the next 10 years.

TEA’s Team consists of highly motivated individuals who share a passion for improving the quality of education for all children in India All projects teams are based locally in the partnership State and work out of the local Education Department offices.

Project Background

TEA is setting up a PSAG (Project Support and Advisory Group) to drive key strategic priorities for the School Education Department, Madhya Pradesh under the Chief Minister’s flagship project ‘CM RISE Schools’ – a set of 9,200 government schools being developed over the next 10 years as integrated K-12 fully resourced schools that offer high-quality education, with an envisioned estimated enrolment of 70-80 lacs students. These lighthouse schools are set out to bring in a new momentum in the MP public education by ensuring that all children in the state have access to a comprehensive learning environment through state-of-the-art infrastructure, competent teaching staff, and high-impact academic initiatives.

Project Manager – PSAG (Project Support and Advisory Group), CM RISE Schools


The scope of the PSAG managers involves working in close quarters (as a Chief-of-Staff) with senior bureaucrat(s) in orchestrating overall program management, defining strategy / design and driving the related day-to-day execution across various workstreams. In addition, the role will include driving stakeholder management with all partner organizations involved, specifically, in driving their core strategy focus and ensuring logical convergence with wider department mandates. What this role offers to a young professional?

  • Opportunity to be mentored by a senior bureaucrat
  • Influence high-level education policy in the state and deeply immerse in the state public education machinery
  • A challenging and flexible workplace, with an opportunity to drive critical initiatives end-to-end and create high societal impact

Roles & Responsibilities

  • A combination of problem diagnosis, solution design, and facilitating implementation through first principles problem solving, leveraging organisational learnings, extensive stakeholder discussions, data analysis, etc.
  • Participate in building and strengthening internal systems and processes which contribute towards effective and efficient functioning of the unit
  • Influence and build collaborative relationships with senior stakeholders
  • Lead planning and execution of reviews and ensure the movement of all the verticals and alignment of all stakeholders
  • Oversee / monitor the functioning of all verticals, and provide strategic planning and implementation support
  • Deliverables will involve regular documentation of outputs in the form of briefings, papers, presentations, reports, notes with thorough background research / benchmarking as needed

Skills and Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree with at least 2-3 years’ work experience in consulting / government / education sectors
  • Strong communication skills (both written and verbal), experience in documentation, writing reports, proposals, and presentation skills
  • Analytically strong, with an ability to understand, work with, and draw insights from data; familiarity with data analysis tools
  • Ability to coordinate between and build relationships with various stakeholders within the government and with partner organizations
  • Ability to work in a high paced environment, maintain flexible work schedule to accommodate multiple simultaneous projects
  • Strong project management skills – prioritization, setting goals, assessing progress and course-correction
  • Demonstrated commitment to social impact/prior experience working in the social sector
  • Innovative thinker with a strong interest in developing new ideas and championing those initiatives with senior stakeholders

Salary: Commensurate with experience

Expected date of Joining: Immediate

Employment Type: Permanent / Full Time

Location: Bhopal

Please send your resumes along with a letter of intent to; please mention “Project Manager – PSAG” in the subject of your email.

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