Rohithkumar | Senior Associate

Rohitkumar is a Senior Associate with the Mission Ankur Team in Madhya Pradesh. He is originally from Mandya and was raised in Karwar, Karnataka. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Economics (Hons) from Christ University. Before his current role, he gained valuable experience in education and development as a Teach Manager (M&E) at U&I Trust.

He recently completed his Master’s in Development from Azim Premji University. A creative individual, Rohitkumar enjoys playing musical instruments, creating digital art, and has a nine-year passion for theatre, with over 30 proscenium and 150 street plays to his credit. He believes in the power of art to drive social impact, embracing the “Act to Impact” philosophy.

Excited to be part of the Mission Ankur Team, Rohitkumar is dedicated to contributing to meaningful initiatives and making a positive difference in the lives of others.