Aishwarya Unnikrishnan | Senior Associate

Aishwarya Unnikrishnan is a Senior Associate with TEA’s Delhi team. She leads the Schools of Specialised Excellence for Humanities stream. This initiative by the Delhi Government offers specialised education in humanities from grade 9 onward. Aishwarya oversees program design and management, collaborating with government officials and knowledge partners to integrate humanities and social sciences into school curricula.

Previously, she launched the ‘WomenWorks’ Programme to support women entrepreneurs during her Fellowship with the Delhi Government.

Aishwarya holds a master’s degree in Gender Studies from Ambedkar University Delhi and a History (Hons) degree from Miranda House, University of Delhi. Her research interests include gender, labour, care economy, and the sociology of education.

She is committed to creating a more inclusive world through evidence-based policymaking. Inspired by James Baldwin’s philosophy that “you cannot tell children there is no hope,” she is dedicated to fostering an environment of possibility and progress for future generations.