Vijay Prakash | Data Manager

Vijay is a Data Manager with TEA’s Punjab Team. He holds an M.Tech in Educational Technology from IIT Bombay and a B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from the Government Central Textile Technology Institute. Despite having only 10 months of full-time experience as an AI Engineer, he has led numerous tech projects with entities such as the Ministry of Education, EdCIL India, NPTEL, World Bank, Reliance Industries Limited, and the Kotak Education Foundation.

He has built and deployed advanced machine learning models, including recommendation systems, and is proficient in data cleaning, preprocessing, visualization, statistical analysis, and database management. He uses Python frameworks like TensorFlow, Keras, and sci-kit-learn for developing machine learning models, and leverages big data technologies and cloud services for scalable data solutions.

Vijay has published various papers in top-rated conferences, particularly in the field of AI in education. He is passionate about the transformative power of education and uses technology to enhance learning experiences.

Beyond managing data, Vijay loves playing football and exploring new places.